Up level your skills and deepen in your coaching or holistic practitioner business and be part of a conscious revolution.

This is a three-month mentorship training program for coaches, yoga teachers, healers, and holistic practitioners and business owners. Learn about client-centered approach practices, how to get through client-coach blockages, how to identify through trauma-sensitive training if your client's past trauma or experiences are affecting their goals with you, and how that is affecting your as well, secondary trauma for coaches is real! Learn how you can incorporate and apply the ancient healing principles of Ayurveda to your practices and business, and how to align your mind with creating abundance for your business and self-care for you!


Space is limited to five participants and the program is only offered three times a year.


This is for you if: 

  • You are a life/mindset/business/health & fitness coach, yoga teacher, a healer/spiritual practitioner or a holistic health counselor/practitioner already doing the work

  • You are ready to take your practice to the next level

  • You are already a conscious and compassionate coach wanting to learn about trauma-sensitive practices to positively impact your client results

  • You would like to learn about client-centered approach practices

  • Some of your clients are hitting energy blocks and unable to move through their challenges 

  • You would like to learn and implement the principles of Ayurveda into your coaching and practices

  • You want to focus on creating and manifesting abundance in your business

  • You would like to develop self-care practices for you and your clients

  • You would like to understand how secondary trauma and compassion fatigue affects your coaching and practice and learn tools to move forward  

  • You want to be part of a conscious revolution to raise the vibration of the industry and the world!

Some of the things that you will learn: 

  • The 5 core values to trauma-sensitive practices

  • The COFFEE™ pillars of trauma-sensitive care

  • Upper level transformational tools and tips

  • Ayurvedic principles to apply into your practice

  • How to connect from a client-centered approach

  • Tools to utilize with your clients and help them overcome energetic blockages

  • Tools to recognize triggers and activators that can affect your client goal-achievement

  • Understand and overcoming your secondary trauma and compassion fatigue

  • To become a channel and manifest abundance for your business


Some of the things that you will get: 

  • Tools to deepen coach-client relationships 

  • Client-centered and trauma-sensitive forms

  • One 1:1 case consultation with Esther

  •  A network of professionals to support each other 


I am the founder of Ego Friendly Living, a company based on the principle of compassion and empathic communication, that strives to empower entrepreneur women to manifest and heal from within, focusing on body, mind, and soul through Trauma & Mindset Coaching, Ayurveda, Meditation, Mindfulness, and High Conscious Spirituality. I have been working for over 20 years with survivors of trauma, providing emotional coaching and healing tools to support them throughout their journey. For the past 15 years I have been training and coaching professionals on how to work and connect with their clients and recognizing the connection between certain responses, past trauma, and energy blockages that keep their clients stagnant. My coaching and training is a blend between evidence based practices, ancient spiritual knowledge, and energy healing tools. I coach, mentor, and train other coaches, healers, holistic practitioners, mental health professionals, and yoga teachers to access their innate knowledge to understand their client’s mindset and their hidden trauma that often creates blockages on achieving their goals under the umbrella of “self-sabotaging.” I am looking forward to sharing with you the tools to take your clients and your practice to the next level.

Client Testimonials 

“I came to Esther with a roadblock that I was having with one of my clients. I explained to her the situation and she helped me come up with a solution by using different techniques she's used on her own 1:1 clients for years. Esther has given me a lot of different tools that have helped me shape my 1:1 packages to be more client centered. I've learned to pay more attention to mindset and roadblocks my clients might be experiencing and I have learned ways to help them get over those roadblocks in a compassionate way.”




Esther personally reviews each application for approval. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a link to schedule a call to go over the program details and any questions you may have about the content of this training. BECOMING THE HIGHER VERSION OF YOURSELF!