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Dentists recommend changing toothbrushes once every 3 months for that perfect oral care. When related to oral care what better can it be than a natural toothbrush. Understanding the importance of nature and reducing the harmful plastic footprint we showcase the safest way to take care of your oral health. Moving the extra mile, we discarded the plastic toothbrush and made this 100% biodegradable wood toothbrush. Being eco-friendly is the best add on to the daily routine for the ones who are vegan. It's waterproof and splinter-free quality makes this ultra-popular organic brush a long life product.

Been tested and recommended by dentists the active charcoal infused bristles of this organic wood toothbrush gives you better teeth whitening than the normal ones. The soft and long nylon charcoal infused bristles clean food particles stuck between your teeth. Removing food deposits, fighting plaque and preventing bad breath, giving you the best oral health. Being safe for our planet, this organic wood toothbrush rejuvenates the day’s first and last activity. The wood used is organically grown keeping you guilt-free. The curvy design and water-resistant handle of this toothbrush give you a comfortable grip making your daily routine more fun. Travelling got a lot easier with this lightweight, durable, and stylish toothbrush.

Organic Wood Toothbrush - White

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