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A customized program by application only

Are you ready to embrace yourself, love yourself, create self-care practices, and create routines that will improve your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being?  If the answer is YES, this is the perfect program for you. 


Customize your time length to have weekly sessions with Esther and create a unique program for you with tools that will bring balance in your different life structures.


Somatic Experiencing sessions include:

  • Ayurvedic dosha analysis to find out your constitution.

  • Personalized food according to your Ayurvedic needs.

  • Daily and seasonal routines.

  • Deep mind & soul healing through breath work, spiritual practices, meditation, yoga, and Vedic wisdom.

  • Your Vedic natal chart.

  • Weekly growth work and tools.

  • And tools to integrate what you are learning

How it works?

You have the option to buy 6 or 12 sessions. This is the most complete service offer; Esther creates a personalized, unique program for you based on Ayurvedic principles. She assesses and evaluates your Ayurvedic physical and mental constitution, as well as your imbalances. That includes self-care routines, appropriate foods, and daily practices based on their constitution that will help you balance your mind and body, as well as personalized yoga practice and pranayama (breath work).


You receive a handout with all of that information to follow and integrate slowly into your routine, creating healthy lifestyles from a holistic approach. In addition, during the sessions, based on your unique needs, we will integrate somatic sessions, energy healing, coaching, hypnotherapy, and the interpretation of your Vedic chart, which will allow you to understand your nature, destiny, and tendencies to guide them in navigating their lives.


To determine if this is a good program for you, please fill out this form and schedule a call to meet with Esther. 

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