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Esther Rodriguez Brown is the author of The Power of Your Hands: Mudras for Your Everyday Life, this is an easy guide to help you start or deepening into the practice of mudras. The book also includes beautiful and practical illustrations to follow as you learn and practice.

Mudras, also known as yoga for the hands, are an ancient practice that involves hand gestures. Practicing mudras helps you to direct subtle energy throughout the body promoting wellbeing, relaxation, and health. 

This book also provides a brief overview of the basic principles of Ayurveda, the seven chakras, and positive affirmations to go along with your practice.

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Preview excerpt from the book:

'Mudras are specific hand and finger gestures that channel the energy that is produced in our body.  Some people call it yoga for the hands. Mudras can awake particular states of mind and transmit energy through our bodies. Mudras can activate through energy certain sensations on our body, emotions on our mind, or awaken the higher consciousness of our soul.  During your mudra practice, you can add the So-Hum meditation to enhance the experience. Think of the word SO as you are inhaling slowly, and HUM as you are exhaling. All lives start with an inhalation and end with an exhalation; inhalation is life, exhalation is letting go. We inhale love and we exhale ego. So Hum means in Sanskrit I AM THAT; I am the Universal Love, I am one with the Creator. Through mudras we are invoking specific qualities of Shiva-Shakti or Divinity, simply becoming part of the journey. "

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