Find guidance to create healthy habits through the ancient sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama at Ego Friendly Living. Unlock access to live coaching to empower yourself and create healthy habits for your body, through the appropriate food; for your mind with positive thinking and tools to calm the mind, and for your soul by creating the energy to connect with your higher self.

See some of our most popular classes and programs below!

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Ayurvedic Health Counseling Package: $2,500

Spend three months with one session per week to learn how to understand your dosha, what foods are balancing for your constitution, incorporating daily routines, healthy body cleanses, and the relationship between body, mind, and soul. This plan allows you to go deep into a healthy lifestyle and a consciousness awakening of your mind. By the end of the program, you will be completely aligned with your Higher Self. Payment plans are available. 



Price: $125

This is a great service to start if you are not ready yet to commit to our three-month Ayurvedic program but you want to understand your constitution and have a better idea of what foods and practices are better for you. After you pay and book you will receive an assessment package, please send this back to us as soon as possible, allow 24h to schedule the date of consultation for us to have time to look over your assessment forms. During the online session, we will share with you your Prakruti (mind-body constitution), Dosha (current imbalances), a brief overview of Ayurvedic wisdom, and recommendations about appropriate foods for your constitution, tools to bring doshas back into balance, and daily routines. Your body is talking to you! Are you listening?



Price: $111 for 60 min

Also known as the yogic sleep, it is a guided profound form of meditation in which the teacher guides you through different states of consciousness until you move into the state of conscious deep sleep but with a completely awake state of mind. This is the state between being asleep and awake. Learn more by clicking on "book service."

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Price: $111 for 60 min

Mindful meditation helps us to develop the ability to be present, aware, and focus. This practice aids to reduce stress levels and increase our ability to relax. When we are mindful of our actions, we pay more attention to what we are doing and are tuned into our senses, noticing our thoughts and emotions from a place of detachment. You can strengthen your concentration, calm your mind, allowing you to make decisions with a clear mind; and mental flexibility.  Learn more by clicking on "book service."

What People Are Saying

Amy A. 

"I was looking for a way to go deeper into self-care, with Esther's gentle guidence on how to incorporate Ayurvedic health routines into my life has been transformational. Esther is the real deal! She lives her philosophy."

Freddie A.

"Esther's Yoga Nidra classes are truly a gift. Her voice is calming and relaxing and it truly leaves you with such an amazing feeling of peace. I highly recommend everyone to try Yoga Nidra with Esther. I promise the enhancement to your life is worth it!"

Dani G.

"Talk about helping me break through!!!! Thanks to this enlightened soul I was able to breathe again. I learned about my Dosha and how to bring in into balance. The consultation alone made me feel closer to my own healing. Thank you again Esther"

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